Learning Support/SEN

The Learning Support/SEN Department works closely with all departments within the school. Its core role is to identify and support any student who is experiencing learning difficulties. This includes students who are finding the transition from primary school to secondary school more difficult than others and those who have been diagnosed as having a specific learning difficulty.

All students are screened using standardised assessments as they enter the school and again in 5th yr. When requested by students, parents or teachers, further screening or assessment takes place at other times. The CBS does not stream students in Junior Cycle but screening and assessment are essential in providing indicators of student progress and learning preferences.

The department is well resourced with a range of software, computers and an extensive supply of appropriate reading material.

As a result of the good working relationship between the members of the LS/SEN Department and the Department of Education and Science, CBS Ennistymon has been very successful in obtaining special consideration at both Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate levels for many of its students.

The members of the LS/SEN Department have experience in all areas of student support and are happy to meet parents who are concerned about any learning difficulties their children may be experiencing.